Trilogy Consulting
Crafting brands, unearthing insight and building social interaction.
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Crafting brands, unearthing insight

and building social interaction

We’re here to help your brand succeed and thrive

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Do you have a business-critical question that needs answering? A problem that’s getting in the way of growth, or a commercial objective you need help to achieve?  

Whether you need some fresh thinking on your brand strategy, expertise in market research, or support with your social media campaigns, we can help.


Three disciplines, one common root

At Trilogy we adopt a joined-up view of brand, insight and social because we think that’s the strongest approach - and one that sets your business up for greater success.  

Rather than siloed thinking, we have a multi-discipline understanding of the whole brand and marketing ‘stream’ - from the upstream brand strategy, to the downstream social media communication of your brand (and anything and everything in between).


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Do you know why customers choose you over your competitors? Is your target audience clear on what your brand stands for? Do people understand your offer?

We can help

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Want to understand your target audience better? Get to grips with your customers’ path to purchase? Identify what people like and dislike about your new idea?

We can help

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What role does social play for your brand? Which channels should you choose? How can your content and engagement strategies build authentic customer connection?

We can help


We were blown away with how amazing you were - it was such a solid piece of work and a seamless, engaging presentation.
— Head of Insight, Not On The High Street